About Us

Committed to Social Responsibility

THE SNS Foundation is the CSR wing of Anand established in the 70’s and operates around the various manufacturing bases of Anand spread across the country. The Vision of the Foundation is a development process that creates a socially just and equitable, economically progressive, and environmentally sustainable society. Internally, the Foundation’s vision is to develop a model of collective responsibility-by the private sector, civil society and individuals- towards community development.

Based on the teachings, ideals, and principles of Sant Nishchal Singhji and named after him, the Anand leadership was inspired and motivated to bring into existence the SNS Foundation.. Sant Nishchal Singhji was a visionary in the matters of elevation of women’s quality of life and educational reforms as also a philosopher and a spiritual leader. Consequently, the SNS Foundation focuses primarily on women’s empowerment, as well as other philanthropies, namely education, health, to name a few.

Mission of the Foundation

We like to stress the fact that when we say poverty, we mean impoverishment not just due to lack of economic resources but also that of the mind. Poverty is always associated with helplessness and isolation resulting in non assertiveness, insecurity, and lack of space. Poverty stricken people are inevitably affected by unhealthy environments. These are created by a lack of access to common resources, such as healthcare, education, markets and land. Our work is to promote vibrant communities, with appropriate value systems and deep relationships amongst the members. Thus they can thrive and survive and exercise their full rights to live.

Leading the Industry in Social Initiatives

With the very large number of community initiatives that have been undertaken by The SNS Foundation over the last five decades, it has clearly led the way in social initiatives within the Automotive Industry and beyond, in this regard.


The SNS Foundation, a charitable Trust has been supporting development activities among communities in the vicinity of all geographical locations where Anand has manufacturing bases. The Foundation’s activities are aimed at skills development for employability and empowerment of women, elementary education of the most unreached categories of children living in slums, mobilising working children into an inclusive program of education, healthcare and protection from exploitation, imparting vocational training and life-skills for adolescents and youth, promoting sustainable activities for managing natural resources (land, water) and reaching reproductive health care. These include actions for preventing spread of HIV/AIDS among migrant and industrial workers and urban and rural populations using mobile static medicare services and through sensitisation awareness campaign modes using effective/tested communication methods.