Vision & Mission

Anand has a strong commitment to Social Responsibility and has allocated a budget of Rs One Crore per annum for welfare activities. Society and its welfare are vital elements of Anand's core philosophy. In its early years, when Social Responsibility was not the focus of most companies nor was it being mandated by the Government, Anand opted to pursue its vision as a socially responsible citizen.

Be it the ‘women on the shop-floor’ policy at that point in time or the responsibility to build Parwanoo into a vibrant industrial town - Anand was the first business house in the 70’s to start an industry in Parwanoo, then a ‘notified backward area’. With the establishment of its facilities, the Group set the pace for industrial development of the township which also helped in providing employment to the local people.  Today, Parwanoo and its surroundings towns like Baddi are the hub of manufacturing activity in Himachal.


Over the years, Anand set up the SNS Foundation, its social engagement wing with Education, Health & Women Empowerment central to all its community initiatives. The SNS Foundation is a registered NGO and is present at all the manufacturing bases of Anand. A Major focus of the foundation has been - ‘Preparing Youth for the 21st century marketplace’ through vocational education and training in life-skills.

SNS Foundation: The Vision

(Based on the teachings, ideals, and principles of Sant Nishchal Singhji , a philosopher, spiritual leader and a visionary in the matters of elevation of women’s quality of life and educational reforms)


Initiate a development process that contributes to creating a socially just, equitable, economically progressive, and environmentally sustainable society based on a model of collective responsibility by the private sector, civil society and individuals.

SNS Foundation: The Mission

To mobilize participation of benefactors from all sections of the society to work towards sustainable development of marginalised sections of society- particularly women, by following a rights based and empowerment approach, in the fields of education, health, natural resource management, sustainable livelihoods and governance.