Health programs undertaken by the SNS Foundation In the area of health, we have several programs that deal with HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, reducing overall maternal mortality and infant mortality, managing mental and physical abuse as well as family related stress and coping mechanisms.

Life Enrichment HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

In collaboration with Punj Lloyd and Give India (under the Indo-US Corporate Fund for HIV/AIDS), SNS Foundation launched a one year program in 2007 to address the HIV / AIDS issue among the 1400 Punj Lloyd work force. The target group included 200 employees of Punj Lloyd and 1200 migrants engaged in construction work at Medicity, Gurgaon, Haryana.

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Striving for Mental Health

Youthreach and Manas Foundation along with SNSF launched a one year counselling program in 2007. This program was started with the objective of building basic counselling skills amongst the SNSF staff. The idea is to enable them to deal with common mental health problems of children and adolescents. Another objective of this program was to institutionalize the counselling services by establishing a counselling centre.

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Promotion of Institutional Deliveries – aiming to reduce overall maternal mortality and infant mortality

The Foundation implemented a three year programme “Janani Suvidha Yojana Scheme” (JSY) in Feb 2007, within the framework of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of Haryana. The objective of the JSY Scheme is to reduce overall maternal mortality and infant mortality by promoting institutional deliveries.

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Mobile Health Guard - Reproductive & Child Healthcare on wheels

The Reproductive & Child Healthcare on wheels is one of the most visible projects that promote critical educational services to adolescents in Gurgaon reaching out to a population of nearly 25,000. Its success has resulted in launching yet another van to cover an additional 25,000 people. This van has been started with grants from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. A third mobile oral health van is getting ready for commissioning. The program will increasingly focus on providing services to industrial workers who as contract labour have very little access to health care and mental health counselling services.

Partnership between the SNS Foundation and Reliance Haryana SEZ

The partnership with Haryana Reliance SEZ is another feather in SNS Foundation's cap. The partnership involves the delivery of preventive and curative health services to the 130,000 people of 18 villages of Jhajjhar district and 12 villages of Gurgaon district through 18 static clinics and 2 mobile health vans. The targeted population in Jhajjhar presently does not have any or limited access to institutional health services. A total of 46,941 people were screened of which 10,334 were provided free treatment.

Reproductive and Child Health Project

SNS Foundation, Nasik in partnership with the Godavari Foundation, Jalgaon is implementing the Reproductive and Child Health project in 16 tribal villages of Trimbakeshwar, Nasik since April, 2004. This project aims at improving early ante natal care (ANC) registration, improvement in ANC coverage of mother, increase safe deliveries, increase institutional deliveries and immunization of children.

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HIV/AIDS Target Intervention among Migrants

This program was launched in September, 2007, among the migrant workers residing in the urban area of Solan District, with financial support from Himachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society. The program primarily addresses the issue of reducing the risk behaviour through effective use of Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) strategies addressing STI treatment, condom promotion, community mobilization and creating an enabling environment.

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HIV/AIDS Work Place Intervention Program

Committed to containing the spread of HIV/AIDS in India, SNS Foundation intervened through prevention activities in various urban and rural locations, addressing multiple strata of society. State Government departments of Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, supported the SNSF projects to address this challenge. There are considerable acknowledgements of achievement in this particular field such as the UNAIDS award received in Dec 2006. This award was given to us for our efforts through the Work Place Intervention program for the industrial workforce of MNC's of MARG (Mutual Aid Response Group) Industries, Mumbai.

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HIV Prevention through Safe Motherhood Initiative

With financial support from AusAID and MAMTA, SNSF initiated a project titled 'An integrated approach towards prevention of parent-to-child transmission (PPTCT) of HIV through safe motherhood initiatives'. The program for rural and urban slum population of Solan District, Himachal Pradesh started in 2005. It focused on raising community awareness regarding PPTCT. The objectives of this project were mobilization of community to utilize safe motherhood services, sensitization and capacity building of safe-motherhood service providers and other key stakeholders in the government sector and integration of PPTCT and safe motherhood.

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