Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment Program

Transformed lives of over 25000 migrant workers through the 'Life Enrichment Program'

It began as Punj Lloyd, the construction conglomerate’s call to SNSF to position a CSR initiative spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS among migrant workers across its sites. Engaging in dialogue with the spirit of ensuring maximum benefit to one of the most vulnerable and exploited sections that of ‘daily wagers’, SNSF’s professional team led by its Executive Director, Mrs. Indira Varadarajan was successful in convincing the corporate in discussion to enlarge its concern for reducing ‘Deaths due to HIV/AIDS’ to include all possible causes that could lead to damage to human life at its sites. This holistic vision of valuing life and instilling the idea of a ‘Life-First rather than a Profit-First Culture’ in the world of .Inc is what gave birth to the ‘Life Enrichment Programme’ or in short ‘LE’.

 LE is no ‘rocket-science’ it is simply about bringing human hearts together; of inspiring corporate managers on how to be caring and compassionate about the workers’ basic needs of safety, health & hygiene, housing, nutrition while they are at the construction sites just as they are towards their own kith and kin; of making workers realize their worth and their rights to lead a dignified life, to voice their discontent against poor delivery of safety equipments, of not possessing ESI cards, of not securing minimum wages, of not being paid minimum wages. 

Initiated in 2007 during the construction of Medanta Medicity in Gurgaon, LE has been implemented in close to 10 sites, 3 of which were the refineries of Indian Oil Corporation at Haldia, Panipat and Baroda. LE is ‘just’ a humanistic approach towards addressing common corporate EHS concerns. It has resulted in blurring hierarchical barriers, reducing absenteeism among workers and them feeling a part of the management, responsible for reducing delays and maximizing profits. 

Following is a snapshot of the Impact of Life Enrichment Intervention at a Project Site

IndicatorsBaseline %Post Intervention %
Awareness on safety measures at workplace87.999
Reported getting safety tools without delay7888
Occurrence of minor/major accidents at sites 95
Safe drinking water facility at sites6671
Reported sexual activity with multiple partners193
Reported sex with sex worker 30.8
Daily/More than once a week briefing about workplace safety 5876