Enrich Yourself

How many times can you afford to look away from the less fortunate in an unequal world - destitute children, poverty stricken mothers, ailing labourers, and sufferings of this world in general? There comes a time when we all look eye to eye with the situation and decide for once to help make a change. We share what we have in the form of giving donations to the less privileged.

We encourage you to make a difference. Please contribute.

To raise funds for one of the recent projects at SNSF, Neeraja Foundation has hoisted our project, ‘Enhance Access to Water for 750 Families in India’ on a global fundraising website: Click here to contribute towards SNS Foundation’s project. It will also guide you to updates on the project, validation of the utilization of donations received. All donations to SNS Foundation in Indian Currency offer 50% Tax Exemption under Section 80G of the IT Act, 1961.


SNS Foundation has been part of the Global Giving site since April 2012 and has found no credibility issues so far. The link is completely secure.